ConversioBot Review & Bonuses

If you run a blog or website, then you already know that getting leads or sales is the toughest challenge. Turning your traffic profitable can take weeks and months and cost a lot. And the worst thing is that no one guarantees that thousands spent on advertising and SEO will bring results. Luckily, there might be an easy and affordable way to boost conversions faster.

What I’m going to share with you is a handy tool that would transform your platform into a non-stop lead generator. It’s called ConversioBot, and it allows you to communicate with visitors through chatbots. In this ConversioBot review, I’d like to tackle the main questions regarding the service and, maybe, dispel some of your doubts.

Program TitleConversioBot
AuthorImran S et al and Simon Wood
Price $27 Lite Version
$37 Pro Version
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is ConversioBot?

The tool I’m talking about is an AI chatbot app that takes a great deal of load off of you by converting your site’s/blog’s guests into clients, leads, subscribers automatically. With it, you can set up a chatbot in a couple of minutes, either with ready-made assets from the app or by designing a personal bot, using the drag-and-drop feature.

Then you can quickly integrate the bot into your site with the WordPress dashboard plugin, adding a line of code (the app will show you how, of course). You can even sell it if you want.

ConversioBot Review & Bonuses

The Creators of the Product

If you’re looking for someone to thank for the time and effort you saved, the idea belongs to Imran S et al and Simon Wood. Both are successful marketers and technicians with years of experience in consulting. They’ve created several products before, and all of them got mostly positive reviews. In contrast to other product vendors, Imran is always ready to personally answer your questions or even give you a piece of advice on website management.

Who Can Benefit From ConversioBot?

The devs made sure everyone who struggles to monetize website traffic could use their product with minimum skills. But their target audience is:

  • Bloggers;
  • Freelancers;
  • Online or local business owners;
  • Affiliate marketers.
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In other words, if you’re running a website and need leads right now, this elegant piece of software might be what you’re looking for.

Why You Should Be Getting It

There are a few weighty reasons:

  • It can massively boost your sales, subscriptions, whatever you need at the moment.
  • With that, you also increase customer loyalty and stand out from the competition.
  • It benefits many businesses, so if you own several sites with varying content, use the app for all of them.
  • Its user-friendly interface leaves dozens of competitors behind.
  • Its price won’t leave you choosing between running an ad campaign and optimizing your website through CPA.
  • If you’re new to the technology, it won’t take long to find your way around it.

How Does It Work?

Like I said before, the app is very simple. To enjoy the advantages of the program, you need to complete four simple steps.

Login to the App

Once you buy the product, you need to log in to its dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to access all the features available to you.

Use “Drag and Drop” Builder

Next, you need to use the app’s drag-and-drop chatbot builder to customize the bot and tell it what questions to ask and how to react.

ConversioBot Review & Bonuses

Use One of Their Templates

You can also try one of the app’s templates. For this, you need to find the Chatbot templates icon in the dashboard. It’ll take you to the list of templates sorted by category so you could quickly find one suitable for your business.

Generate a Line of Chatbot Code

After you complete the previous steps, the app will write a piece of code in one click. That’s your bot’s skeleton.

Copy and Paste the Code onto Your Website

At this stage, you need to add the code created by the program to your site’s documents. Once you’re done, the bot will start greeting the visitors.

Features and Benefits

Alright, we get it – the program has a handful of applications and doesn’t require a science degree to work with. But what is ConversioBot about? Here’s what you can do with the app.

  • Get info from leads (email or phone);
  • Offer discounts or gifts;
  • Collect feedback;
  • Provide customer service;
  • Warm-up leads.

These are just standard benefits – you’re free to craft your bot to cater to any need that may arise.

ConversioBot Bonuses

Any good product is packed with a small bonus for the buyer. Depending on the version you buy, you’re getting one of the following freebies.

Additional Bot Images

The basic version of the app already offers a plethora of pictures you can choose as bot avatars (not to mention that you can upload them too). But some of the bonus pictures are really awesome.

Extra Templates

The basic package offers many generic templates, but the first OTO (one time offer) significantly expands the library. If you’re not fond of creating something yourself, this bonus might come in handy.

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VIP Training

The basic version already includes several guides for scripting, modeling, integrating, and selling your bots. The VIP program will give a more in-depth view of benefitting from the app.

ConversioBot Review & Bonuses

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other product, ConversioBot also has its weak and strong sides. Be sure to learn about them before considering the purchase.

The Pros

  • The app offers a lifetime deal, meaning that you don’t have to pay for it every month;
  • Creating bots is as easy as pointing and clicking; no extra experience required;
  • It’s a cloud-based app, so it won’t eat up any of your device’s memory;
  • The creators provide a complete guide to every step;
  • If needed, you can integrate it with Google Analytics;
  • It easily redirects users to any spot you specify.
  • The app’s OTOs offer tons of great features.
  • Purchase a commercial license and start selling your bots to other users and generate even more profit;

The Cons

  • At the moment, the app doesn’t work with Facebook, so you can only use your bots within your website (but the feature will soon be added).
  • To get SSL on a full-page bot, you’ll have to provide the app with your DNS. But you can find a few workarounds for the problem if needed.
  • Currently, the program integrates only with one marketing app account it’s connected to. This issue will also be solved in the future.
  • Despite the high quality of customer support, your application may still take more than two days to process.

What to Consider Before Investing In It

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, why do I need an AI-powered chatbot? A lot of website owners purchase such bots mainly for handling FAQ, which isn’t an efficient way. If that’s your primary application for the bot, there are simpler solutions. But if you’re going to train your bot to process visitors, that is, guide them through registration, purchase, and so on, then an AI bot would be perfect for the job.

ConversioBot Review & Bonuses

ConversioBot Pricing

Price is always a major concern for everyone. No matter how many features are offered, the buyer is driven by the amount they’re willing to pay. Apart from upsells, you have two options to choose from.

Lite Version

The pricing begins at $27. Naturally, you can upgrade the program at any moment and unlock access to advanced features. When choosing this option, you won’t get the following ConversioBot pro edition benefits:

  • Multi-website license to use the app with as many sites as you want;
  • 10 bot templates;
  • Commercial license (gain 100% profit from selling your bots).

Pro Version

The Pro version comes at $37 and includes all the features from the base one plus all four benefits mentioned above. Besides, the software has four OTOs ranging from $47 to $97 that grant you access to even more amazing features – the full list deserves its own ConversioBot Pro review.

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Refund Policy

If the product leaves you unsatisfied or fails to meet your expectations, you can ask for a full refund at any time during 30 days.

Is ConversioBot A Scam?

I certainly wouldn’t call it a scam. It’s a fully operational chatbot maker, and every aspect regarding it, from purchase to refund, is completely transparent. Keep in mind, though, that it isn’t a magic app that would bring you $100,000 per month just because you installed it. Your traffic still matters, as well as the products you offer. If both aspects are in check, the software won’t leave you disappointed.

ConversioBot Review & Bonuses

My Final Thoughts on This Product

ConversioBot impressed me in a few ways, but what I loved more was its user-friendly UI. By the time I purchased the app, I didn’t know anything about chatbots – the perfect base for evaluating usability. In the end, I was left pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to integrate the bot into a website.

Another feature I enjoyed was the ability to guide the leads through a series of questions to improve the quality of service. In practice, this also means that you could advertise several products at once. Based on the user’s answer, you can provide the link to a certain product.

One of the major downsides for me is the upsells. Sometimes, the Lite version isn’t enough to grasp all the potential of the software. But it’s a common way to advertise a product like this, especially considering it doesn’t offer a monthly subscription. On the other hand, if you don’t need a super-advanced bot for your website, the Lite version would be more than enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Money Back Guarantee On ConversioBot?

Of course! The company will gladly give your money back during 30 days in case something went wrong or the product doesn’t suit your needs.

Is ConversioBot A Scam or NOT?

The app is not a scam. It’s a safe-to-use, well-programmed piece of software for boosting conversions. Most of the real reviews are positive, and the negative ones usually promote other products.

Does the ConversioBot Chat Bot Work?

The app does bring sustainable results, whether you run a bookstore or an online design agency. In any case, if you see no progress, you’re free to ask for a refund.

Is ConversioBot Worth Your Money And Time?

If you already have a working website with visits and positive reviews, that is, you know you perform well, the app will improve your results.

Can ConversioBot Really Increase Conversions?

You can find plenty of examples online where the app helped convert guests into leads.

Do I Need To Install ConversioBot On My Computer?

No. The app is stored “on the cloud,” meaning that it won’t take up any of your physical memory space.

Is ConversioBot Chat Bot Legit?

When buying the app, you’re dealing with ClickBank, a trusted eCommerce software retailer. This means that the company already proved the bot to be effective and legitimate.

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