Draft Dashboard Review – Your Best DFS Optimizer

Draft Dashboard Review – Your Best DFS Optimizer

Before purchasing services from Draft Dashboard, it’s essential to read our Draft Dashboard review and learn everything about the software. Stick with me to discover what features the software delivers, why you should consider using it, and other critical details worth knowing.

Program TitleDraftDashboard
Price$39 per month, Trial $1 (30 days)
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is The Draft Dashboard?

The Draft Dashboard is a DFS research tool one may use to receive organized and prioritized actionable player information. Consequently, using this analysis, you can focus on making quality lineups every time. The tool helps integrate various data which, in turn, helps create well-researched and productive DFS lineups.

While there is no doubt Draft Dashboard is effective, the software won’t bring you success overnight. It’s a functional tool that delivers metrics and relevant projections. However, it is still up to you to build successful lineups.

Get this app as soon as possible and start using it on any device you find convenient: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It works smoothly on all modern platforms.

Supported Sports

Currently, the system supports the NFL, NBA, and NHL. It means the users get information about the most well-known football, basketball, and hockey leagues. The company has also announced that baseball is coming soon, as well.

So far, the developers haven’t added any other leagues or sports. If you plan on focusing on other sports, look for similar tools that satisfy your needs.

Who Draft Dashboard Might Be Useful For?

Draft Dashboard is designed for both professionals and beginners regardless of the level. Everyone is sure to find something helpful here. While the professionals praise it for assisting with tightening up lineups and improving bigger scoring teams, beginners are sure to appreciate the ease of use and appealing interface.

The software can come in handy for those who use DraftKings and FanDuel because the software has integrations with these two largest DFS hosts. Since they occupy most of the market, most DFS players may benefit from this program.

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What Included In The Program

Once you sign up and create a Draft Dashboard account, you’ll see that it comes with a variety of features that are helpful to both beginners and pros. The software delivers information on the best players for any slate on a specific date. Everything is neatly organized into charts and tables. Aside from that, the system allows tracking any injuries, news, and live updates on players.

The program is a very efficient tool because it has visual statistics, lineup optimization, Draft network, and Player Watchlist as well as additional features.

Visual Statistics

One of the benefits of Draft Dashboard is that it delivers every statistic that can be potentially helpful to a user. Each stat is color-coded for additional comfort. The visuals are the most attractive in the industry (compared to all other DFS software).

Line Up Optimization

The company’s signature feature is Lineup Optimizer. It offers some outstanding features that could take you to a whole new level. When using this optimizer, a user receives a complete roster with salaries of the rostered players, their DashRanks, etc.

Draft Dashboard Review – Your Best DFS Optimizer
Draft Dashboard Lineup Optimizer

Draft Network

As a member, you may connect to the best community, exchange insights, and improve your game fast. The Draft network gathers numerous users with all kinds of experience and professional level. It’s a perfect opportunity to socialize with like-minded people and upgrade.

Player Watch List

As you browse through players and click on the Watch button, you create the Watched Players list which is located in your Player Watchlist. As soon as the Watch button turns red, the player is added. This is a convenient feature because from now on, the optimizer will use the watched players in your lineup.

How Does Draft Dashboard Work?

The main goal of the Draft Dashboard is to help users create winning lineups using the provided information. It’s possible because the software delivers essential information for every game slate. The program uses smart algorithms to optimize your fantasy lineups with only the best players.

  • First of all, there is a Dash Rank. It reflects active players for the day. This type of ranking uses Daily Fantasy matchups, recent scores, and other DFS statistics. As a result, users see the players sorted on a scale from 0 to 100 according to their chances of scoring big points on a particular day’s game.
  • Secondly, there is a matchup rank. This ranking type puts two dots in front of each player. There will be a green one if the player has no injuries and/or playing at home. The red flame symbol indicates the player is hot at the moment.
  • Aside from two major rankings, the platform delivers other significant metrics. Here you may discover Fantasy Points per Game (FPPG). It is calculated for the past three games per player.
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All these tools assist in identifying the weakest competitions and improving your experience.

Draft Dashboard Review – Your Best DFS Optimizer

Draft Dashboard Special Tools

In addition to the main features discussed above, the service stands out by offering numerous additional tools and features. They range from several different optimizers to cheat sheets and lineup generators. Let’s take a closer look at what else you should expect to find when using Draft Dashboard.

Daily Fantasy Optimizer

This DFS tool has already generated millions of lineups for the software’s users. It’s easy, convenient, and straightforward. The tool is a must for those who lack experience and wish to learn how to make fantasy football lineups.

Draft Dashboard Review – Your Best DFS Optimizer

Position Optimizer

Using this tool, one may begin the session by seeing all players ranked by position. This optimizer looks a lot like the Top Players tool. However, it’s position-oriented. The interface will also help identify the best players with tons of potential and low salaries.

Find DFS Sleepers

In case your lineup is missing one player, and you don’t have much to go with, you should include a sleeper on your list. It’s a low-cost player who outperforms the salary. Many users praise this convenient tool as it helps build stronger lineups.

Daily Fantasy Advice

When building a lineup, one can face numerous challenges. It’s hard for beginners, and even those who have enough experience might hesitate. This tool, on the other hand, shows the player choices for each position and gives fantasy advice on how to make the right decision.

Find Week’s Studs

The Stud tool lists players who have scored the most points over the week. As a rule, the list has minimal risk proven players who score high. To gain more, members should include at least a couple of such players into their lineups.

Draft Dashboard Review – Your Best DFS Optimizer

The Team Browser

This feature allows seeing team-specific data for all teams that participate in a given slate. Using the Browse Team tool, one may see game conditions, over/under, point spread, depth chart, player health/salary/location/DraftDash Score, etc.

Top Weekly Players

As soon as you are ready to create a DFS lineup, you should double-check the Top Players section to verify the players are performing to their full strength. You might discover other players that are better suited for your lineup.

3D Lineup Visualizer

The tool allows seeing the upcoming games from every angle. You’ll never miss a detail with the new 3D Lineup Visualizer. However, keep in mind that it’s a new feature. So, explore it gradually and get the most from this addition.

Mass Line Up Generator

This is the latest addition to the selection of tools one may access with Draft Dashboard. It delivers high-quality DFS lineups to every user by using advanced algorithms and the latest data.

Draft Dashboard Review – Your Best DFS Optimizer
Draft Dashboard Tools

Draft Dashboard Cost And Promotional Offers

We’ve briefly mentioned a promotion for new users. For now, every new member can spend only $1 and use the services for a month. After that, a user must pay a fixed monthly payment. There are no discounts on annual subscription plans. Aside from that, the company offers additional perks and bonuses.

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For instance, the members can greatly benefit from the referral program. When you refer a friend, you’ll receive 50% of their monthly Draft Dashboard cost forever. Just think about it – when you refer two friends, the reward will be enough to cover your monthly subscription as long as they maintain membership.

The referral program also allows making DFS cash to play with every week. You may use it to test new lineups, strategies, etc.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Most Draft Dashboard reviews agree that the software comes with numerous unbeatable advantages. First of all, the advantages include a tool suite that gathers different innovative features to help users get a successful DFS experience.

Secondly, usability makes it very appealing. The unique, color-coded rating system allows identifying value players very fast.

Draft Dashboard delivers quick and effective analysis to help speed up lineup creation. Besides, it’s a wonderful tool for a new betting experience.

Another advantage worth noticing is the trial period. For just $1, users can test the services for three major sports within 30 days.

To sum everything, up, the main advantages of using Draft Dashboard are:

  • Quickly optimized lineups;
  • Convenient research and player comparison tools;
  • A color-coded system that allows identifying high-value players immediately;
  • Sleepers Tool.

However, not everything is perfect here. The tool has some drawbacks one may find crucial. If you need objective information for decision-making, consider the following disadvantages:

  1. No advice from an actual human, only program algorithms;
  2. A monthly subscription could be expensive if it’s a decision-making factor for you.

Draft Dashboard Review – Your Best DFS Optimizer

My Verdict On Draft Dashboard: Legit Or Not?

Without a doubt, Draft Dashboard is legit. It works well and has lots of loyal fans. Since it was opened in 2015, the company has attracted DFS players who specialize in NBA, NFL, and NHL.

The software is packed with features and offers several appealing promotional offers as well as a referral program. You should give it a try while it costs only $1. Explore the Lineup Optimizer and get the best possible experience using this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Draft Dashboard Legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate company that was launched in 2015.

Is The Draft Dashboard Worth Its Money?

The company offers excellent value for money, especially for multi-sport DFS players. The price of $39.95 per month seems quite fair.

Is There Money-Back Guarantee With a Draft Dashboard?

Yes. The company has a 60-day money-back guarantee and offers a 30-day trial period for $1.

Draft Dashboard – Scam Or Not?

The platform is transparent and straightforward. It’s not a scam.

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