An Ultimate Real Money Streams Review: Easy Money or Waste of Time?

An Ultimate Real Money Streams Review: Easy Money or Waste of Time?

Are you dreaming about working remotely and making a fortune? Real Money Streams promises to make these dreams come true. Will this service meet your expectations? Read the Real Money Streams Review to reveal all the truth about the platform.

Learn about its mysterious creator and check on the strategies aimed to help you work remotely with no fixed schedule. Read about its payment policy and bonuses you can get when using Real Money Streams to make money with no special effort.

Program TitleAn Ultimate Real Money Streams Review
AuthorChris Johnson
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Real Money Streams?

Real Money Streams is a digital platform helping people find real jobs that can be performed from home. The algorithm of the website implies introducing the platform users to the third-party online sources that offer distant online jobs with no need to leave your home and report to a boss. Sold through Clickbank digital marketplace, Real Money Streams helps you find a job that will be suitable for you.

Also, it provides comprehensive instructions on how you can get paid for primitive and far from being complex tasks. The extra guide on how to make money online, elaborated by Real Money Streams, can be purchased for 47 USD directly on the website.

About The Creator

Real Money Streams platform is told to be the offspring of Chris Johnson. It is hardly possible to find any information about the creator except for the promo video on the Real Money Streams website. In his video, Mr. Johnson presents the operational principles and advantages of the service. Also, he claims that Real Money Streams can bring you $500 per week out of commissions with no significant effort.

According to numerous reviews, such promises sound quite unrealistic. However, it doesn’t mean that the website cannot provide enough opportunities for remote work. The sum Chris Johnson is talking about is possible to earn provided you are capable of performing a significant pile of work. The more you do, the more you get.

Despite the criticism and numerous claims, Chris Johnson cannot be considered an absolute fraud. His speech is staffed with exaggeration and pompous phrases but at the same time those who are willing to earn from Real Money Streams, contrive to pocket some money.

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Who Is Real Money Streams For?

The target audience of Real Money Streams is quite motley. Anyone who wants to work from home and make money can try their luck on the given website. The platform features various tasks, so you are completely free to choose what you want to do and start earning immediately. At the same time, you don’t have to:

  • Prove your skills, expertise, qualifications, or professional experience;
  • Undergo any kind of interviews or present a CV;
  • Be in an extreme hurry while completing your work;
  • Stick to only one type of task, as Real Money Streams offers enough job opportunities.

How Does Real Money Streams Work?

The myriad companies that have a range of micro tasks to do prefer not to hire full-time employees. Instead, they refer to such platforms such as Real Money Streams and ask for small assistance. The scope of work the companies’ employees cannot get around to usually implies translation of various documents, image retouching, paper writing, data entry, browsing some information online, etc.

Not to overburden permanent employees with very simple and sometimes boring duties, the company’s management prefers to use cheap labor and kill two birds with one stone: they prevent their main manpower from focusing on the routine work and have all the small tasks completed in no time.

Moreover, by splitting a big project into several smaller tasks, the companies manage to increase their efficiency. Taking into account the nature of the offered jobs, you are unlikely to get even 500 USD per month, not to mention 500 USD weekly.

An Ultimate Real Money Streams Review: Easy Money or Waste of Time?

Real Money Streams Tasks

Nominally, all jobs offered by Real Money Streams, can be divided into 2 types: online and offline. This means that the platform provides you with access to the sites that seek someone to perform small duties. Besides, the Real Money Streams system implies detailed guidelines on how to find a job there, start it, and evaluate your performance with the help of specially designed demos.

Online Tasks

Those who seek an online job will be redirected to Amazon Mechanical Turk. The range of the job offers is quite extensive here and covers the following tasks:

  • Matching of the products – you will be requested to carry out a comparative analysis of two products;
  • Categorization of the products implying product categories allocation;
  • Moderation and editing of papers – the potential employees would need to check whether the content of the paper matches the guidelines that have been set;
  • Tagging of the content – you will need to enter the words related to the content;
  • Data entry;
  • Sentiment analysis – determining the tone of a piece of writing;
  • Copywriting and rewriting – you will have to elaborate some piece of writing based on certain guidelines, and more.

Offline Tasks

The choice of offline tasks is somewhat broader. Real Money Streams offers its users to find a job on the following websites:

  • EasyShift
  • Field Agent
  • Gigwalk

An Ultimate Real Money Streams Review: Easy Money or Waste of Time?

The above apps assist the local businesses in finding help for some small duties: mystery shopping, product review, all types of research, delivery of goods, cleaning, etc. While searching for the offline job on the given websites, you need to take into account your current location. For example, EasyShift can be used only if you are in the USA or the UK. Mind this before you would proceed to search for an offline job.

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Real Money Streams Costs and Refund Policy

To start searching for a job on Real Money Streams, you will have to carry out a one-time payment for the membership that comprises 37 USD. However, if you try to leave the website without subscribing, the cost is usually decreased. So, the real price of a Real Money Streams membership is 17 USD.

Since Real Money Streams is run by ClickBank, all the payments are effected through it. You can pay either with your credit card or using your PayPal account.

In addition to the regular subscription, you will be offered several upsells that may attract your attention. The web page members get access to the Real Money Streams video tutorials that explain the work from home mechanism in detail.

If Real Money Streams doesn’t meet your expectations, you have 60 days to ask for a refund. If you have paid 37 USD and are not satisfied with what this platform offers you, don’t hesitate to ask for a refund.

Bonus Ebooks

As a pleasant bonus to the job offers and detailed guidelines, Real Money Streams boasts of a range of free e-Books aimed to help you in your mission to earn some money, namely:

  • “Paid To Surf The Net”
  • “Beginner’s Guide To Working Online”
  • “Quit Your Job and Work Online”
  • “Secret, High Paying, Online Jobs”

They may be useful for the Real Money Streams newcomers, help make up your mind regarding the job by focusing on your strong sides and qualifications, and start earning money immediately. Let’s focus on each book in more detail.

The book provides useful guidelines on how to join the PTC programs. The author broadly elucidates the overall system and specifies the necessary directions. When it comes to the websites where you can get paid, the book focuses mainly on the NeoBux platform.

Beginner’s Guide To Working Online

According to the numerous reviews, this book carries no special value and features outdated facts and techniques. “Beginner’s Guide To Working Online” may be useful only for getting a very basic idea about the online work process.

Quit Your Job And Work Online

The author of the book reveals the secrets of launching your business while working remotely. He provides handy recommendations as to avoiding frauds and getting paid. Despite its central message, many Real Money Streams members find it poorly written and useless.

Secret, High Paying, Online Jobs

The book lists online sources that may be interesting for those deciding to work online. It covers a great range of tutoring websites, freelance communities, and web pages that will help you improve your professional skills, etc.

Additional Products

In addition to the books, Real Money Streams features a range of extra products. For example, the users of the platform can take advantage of the Money Making Moguls that represent a special educational program for making money on the Internet.

Money Making Moguls

It includes a series of videos, e-books, and guidelines teaching you to get income by working online. Every month, the Real Money Streams members receive access to several modules. Each module consists of 4 sections:

An Ultimate Real Money Streams Review: Easy Money or Waste of Time?

The main disadvantage of Money Making Moguls is the way it conveys the information. It is not split into stages which makes it somewhat overwhelming and hard to perceive.

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Real Money Streams Upsells

The upsells hit you right after you have completed the subscription. They are designed to make you spend more money than you have initially expected.

Money Making Moguls VIP Mastermind Training

This VIP set of books, videos, and guidelines is aimed to teach you to get real money online. It provides a list of methods designed to make your online job easier. Money Making Moguls VIP Mastermind Training promises that with the help of the strategies it offers you can make 1000 USD per day. The cost of this VIP set is 47 USD per month.

However, when you try to close the page without paying any money, the price immediately decreases to 17 USD per month. Such an approach is not completely fair and forces the Real Money Streams users to be extremely careful not to spend their money on the services they are not interested in.

Pros and Cons of Real Money Streams


  • Opportunity to work from home;
  • You can choose the tasks by yourself and regulate the workflow;
  • Real Money Streams introduces you to a great number of reputable companies;
  • The system features a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • The educational materials Real Money Streams features need to be updated;
  • The website is somewhat overhyped;
  • Free trial is not provided;
  • Low usability.

My Verdict on Real Money Streams – Scam Or Not

When it comes to the Real Money Streams scam is not a proper word to describe it. This platform is legit and is definitely worth your money, time, and expectations. The majority of jobs it offers seem quite attractive and can bring you good money. Besides, the tasks are easy and you have all chances to get as much as Real Money Streams promises.

The web page tells you a lot about the income sources and reveals all the secret techniques of how to become rich without putting too much effort.

Real Money Streams can be useful in case you want to get some extra money in addition to your main income. But you cannot rely on it as your central income generator in any way.

An Ultimate Real Money Streams Review: Easy Money or Waste of Time?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Real Money Streams?

Real Money Streams is an online platform that helps people find offline and online jobs by connecting them to reputable companies.

Is The Real Money Streams Legit?

The website is legit and worthy. The tasks it offers are easy and interesting. The tutorials it ensures contain the updated information that can be considered quite helpful especially for beginners.

Is The Real Money Streams Worth Its Money?

According to numerous reviews, Real Money Streams is not worth its money. All the information it conveys can be browsed for free.

Is There A Money-back Guarantee With Real Money Streams?

Yes. The platform guarantees a refund within 60 days after the purchase.

Real Money Streams – Scam Or Not?

Real Money Streams is not a scam. It promises totally realistic rates if you are persistent and ready to work hard.

Does Real Money Streams Work?

It works but its members shouldn’t count on the easy pickings claimed by the platform.

Is There A Real Money Streams Free Trial?

Real Money Streams doesn’t have any free trial offers. To subscribe, you have to pay 37 USD.

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